How to Host a Film Screening


Acquire a Pro-Life Feminist Blu-ray or go to Vimeo to rent or purchase your digital streaming copy. If you’re inviting more than a few people, you may want to purchase a screening kit, which comes with materials to help promote your event. Choose your date, time, and location. This could be a screening party at your home, your place of worship, a community center, your local school, a rented space, or the facilities of a local advocacy group. All you need is a simple AV set up with a Blu-Ray player or an internet-connected computer to stream the film. Be aware that some locations may require a reservation and/or have a rental fee.

Promote your event. Your publicity is limited only by your creativity! Write emails to family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and other members of your community. Create a Facebook Event Page, and ask people to RSVP. Ask your school, place of worship, or local coffee shops and businesses if you can hang posters on or inside their buildings, or if they can make announcements or rally their own efforts to help you publicize. Post stickers to create awareness and fliers (download flier template) to give details. Utilize social media and tag your efforts #prolifefeministfilm.

Prepare materials. If you know of or are already part of an advocacy group, make sure to have follow-up materials available so your guests can learn more and have an outlet for action. You may want to prepare discussion questions, book-club style, or at least plan time at the end of the screening for people to talk and share ideas. Make a sign-in sheet so you can keep track of who’s coming to your events, and so you can follow-up with them later.


Prepare your location. Make sure seating arrangements will accommodate the number of guests you’re planning to host. Set up a table with your sign-in sheet and any merchandise or extra materials so that guests will see them as soon as they come in. It can be helpful to have the film ready before guests arrive so that all you have to do is press play.

Begin. Welcome guests and thank them for coming; be personable, and set the tone for an inviting, inclusive environment. Introduce yourself and talk about what made you decide to host the screening. Press “play,” and relax!

Debrief. Ask the audience about their initial reactions; discuss themes, current events, and talk about why or how the film is relevant. This is a divisive issue, and pro-choice opinions may easily exist in the room both before and after your event. Understand that more than one opinion may result from compassionate intentions, and don’t take disagreement personally. If division arises, invite pro-life attendees and pro-choice attendees to take one another’s perspectives. Explore common ground. Maintain and advocate a tone of respect. Brainstorm next steps for your community or circle of friends to get or remain involved. Thank everyone for joining you, and find out who is interested in future events.


Follow-up. Keep in touch with attendees and follow through with ideas that came out of your discussion. Reflect and evaluate the success of the event. If you weren’t able to get everyone to your first screening, host another and reach out specifically to those friends, family, and community members who weren’t able to come.

And let us know how it goes! Email us at and give us your feedback.

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